Vietnamese Visa Application Form is required of all foreign passengers arriving in Vietnam by air. The form will be handed out to you either on the airplane or when you arrive at a Vietnam airport. After you fill in the form, please return it to the immigration officer who will stamp your passport with a visa-on-arrival, or give you an entry stamp if you already have a pre-arranged visa. You can also save time by downloading the form and filling it in advance.Vietmamse application form

Where to get this Vietnam visa on arrival form?

You can take a hard copy of this form on the airplane, or when you arrive at Vietnam airport, or in case you are working with a reliable and professional VOA service provider, you will get it together with your visa letter.

Download Vietnamese Visa Application Form

How to fill in this Vietnamese Visa Application Form?

Here comes important guide to fill out the Vietnamese visa application form for travelers to Vietnam with visa on arrival:

  1. Full name: Your full name should be written in CAPITAL and match the order shown in your passport.
  2. Sex: male or female
  3. Date of birth: write in DD/MM/YYYY format. (eg. 01/01/1995)
  4. Place of birth: write the name of the city as well as country where you were born
  5. Nationality at birth: provide your nationality when you were born
  6. Current nationality: provide your current nationality as shown in your current passport that you use to apply for your visa approval letter and bring to Vietnam to get visa on arrival
  7. Religion: provide your religion (if any) or “NONE” (if not)
  8. Occupation: this is an optional field. You can leave it blank or fill out your current occupation
  9. Employer and business address: this is also an optional field. You can leave it blank or fill it out
  10. Permanent residential address: provide your address and phone number in your country
  11. Family members: Fill in the relationship, full name in CAPITAL letters, sex, date of birth, nationality and permanent residential address of your family member(s) (parents, spouse, children, and siblings, if any), even they do not travel with you. This information is just for the Immigration Department’s reference in emergency cases ad does not affect your trip.
  12. Passport or international travel document number: Provide your passport number and then its type (popular/diplomatic/official)
  13. Date of previous entry into Vietnam (if any): provide date of your last entry into Vietnam or leave it blank.
  14. Intended date of entry: Fill in your expected arrival date and then fill out your intended length of stay in Vietnam (provided that your expected arrival date is no sooner than the arrival date noted in the visa approval letter and the last date of your stay in Vietnam is not later than the exit date provided in the same)
  15. Purpose of entry: provide the entry purpose noted in your visa approval letter (tourism/ business)
  16. Intended temporary residential address in Vietnam (if any): provide your expected address in Vietnam, it can be the address of your hotel, your relative or your friend.
  17. Hosting organization/individual in Vietnam (if any): provide name and address of your hosting organization/individual in Vietnam (if any) or just write N/A
  18. Accompanying child(ren) under 14 years old included in your passport (if any): if you have any child under 14 years old sharing your passport, just provide their full name, sex, date of birth and glue two photos of the child. You can leave it blank if you do not have any, or your child(ren) have own passport(s).
  19. Applying for a visa: Just select the type of visa you are using to enter Vietnam (single or multiple entry) and then provide its validity. Those dates are well mentioned in your visa approval letter.
  20. Other requests (if any): Specify any request or just note N/A
  21. “Done at”: Fill in your port of arrival (one of these airports: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Can Tho, Phu Quoc or Da Lat)
  22. “On”: your actual date of arrival in Vietnam.

Note: Ignore statement at the footer of the form. Only one entry-exit form needs to be submitted to frontier police on arrival. It’s unnecessary to send a copy to Vietnam Embassy/Consulate.